Ellen Page

Hard Candy (2005)

Rated R

Ellen Page stars in this suspenseful drama from director David Slade as Hayley, an intelligent teen who’s got her own reasons for spending so much time with Geoff, a much older man she met online. Even though Geoff is a charming, good-looking photographer, Hayley should know better than to go home with a guy in his early thirties — especially since he might have ulterior motives.

Inception (2010)

Rated PG-13

Cobb cuts a deal with Saito and agrees to use his ability to enter people’s dreams for a special assignment involving business titan Robert Fischer Jr.. Along for the labyrinth-infused ride is Cobb’s new mind “architect,” Ariadne. This sci-fi thriller from writer-director Christopher Nolan.

Juno (2007)

Rated PG-13

Facing an unplanned pregnancy while she’s still in high school, quirky teen Juno MacGuff devises a plan to locate her unborn baby’s perfect adoptive parents. But the seemingly ideal couple Juno chooses still has some growing up to do. Michael Cera co-stars in this offbeat coming-of-age comedy with an Oscar-winning original screenplay penned by Diablo Cody.

X-Men 3:The Last Stand (2006)

Rated PG-13

When scientists develop a miracle drug to treat unwanted mutations, Professor Charles Xavier and his heroic band of X-Men must battle a group of mutants known as the Brotherhood, led by Xavier’s former ally.

synopsis by Netflix.

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