Christmas Mail (2010) Rated TV-PG

Christmas mailA mysterious woman who works at the post office, answering mail sent to Santa, captures the heart of a disillusioned mail carrier. Starring Ashley Scott, A.J. Buckley, Lochlyn Munro

This is a cute romantic comedy for the Christmas season. I enjoyed watching A.J. Buckley as the bumbling mail carrier, who also cares for his niece. His character is a little overplayed, as is the post office manager, who tries to undermine Kristi, the Christmas letter girl (played by Ashley Scott).  Kristi is Christmas spirit personified, and with a bit of Christmas magic, this movie brings love and joy to both the movie’s characters and the viewers watching.

I suppose some might think this movie is too cute, and perhaps it is, but I appreciated it nonetheless.  A simply sweet and enjoyable Christmas movie, this is worth a watch.


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