Fall 2010 Returning Shows

Amazing Race (CBS)

An instant phenomenon, the Emmy-winning “The Amazing Race” raised the bar for television reality programs. This season  features rival teams traversing the globe competing for a million-dollar cash prize. Facing mental and physical challenges, contestants must not only outwit their opponents, but also keep their cool when complications arise and personalities clash within their own ranks. Begins airing on Sept. 26th.

Chuck (NBC)

Chuck was a computer nerd working at an electronics store until he opened the wrong email and downloaded subliminal government information into his mind. Now, this ordinary guy is running from assassins, spies and terrorists out to pick his brain. With the help of crack CIA operative Sarah Walker  and a protector from the National Security Agency, Chuck dodges bullets and international intrigue. Starts airing September 20th.

The Mentalist (CBS)

Patrick Jane, a rogue detective and case-cracking consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation — a far cry from his last gig as a semi-famous “psychic medium” with no paranormal abilities. Despite his bogus past, Patrick’s charm and powers of observation endear him to the CBI team — except for Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon who doesn’t care for his antics. Starts Sept. 23rd.

I love this show. Simon Baker-yum!

NCIS:Los Angeles (CBS)

Going deep undercover to protect U.S. interests, the Los Angeles Office of Special Projects Division of NCIS is composed of a tight-knit group of agents who rely on high-tech gear and one another to take down threats to national security. Lara Macy leads a crack team that includes “G” Callen, who changes identities like other people change their underwear, and ex-Navy SEAL Sam Hanna  in this CBS drama. Starts Sept. 21st.

Parenthood (NBC)

When struggling single mom Sarah Braverman moves back home to Berkeley, Calif., with her two surly teens in tow, she reunites with her three adult siblings who are also confronting the challenges of parenthood in the new millennium. Even Sarah’s own parents are discovering that the job never ends. This dramatic series based on Ron Howard’s hit 1989 film of the same name. Starts airing September 21.

Premiere dates are subject to change.

synopsis by Netflix.

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  1. Linda Anderson says:

    What about Dancing with the Stars? Don’t you think they have an interesting lineup this year?

  2. Linda says:

    Couple of the choices yes. Couple no. Chuck might be one I will catch up with, but let go of because of time.

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