Labor Day films 2010

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Rated PG-13

High-schooler Ferris Bueller knows everyone — and every trick to faking an illness. So with the entire school convinced he’s at death’s door, Bueller grabs his girlfriend and best friend and hits the streets of Chicago for a well-deserved day off. Fed-up principal Ed Rooney is determined to catch Bueller and put a premature end to his field trip. But it’s tough to outfox Ferris.

Nine to Five (1980)

Rated PG

Judy, Violet and Doralee — fed up with their “sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot” of a boss — entertain fantasies about revenge. But fantasy turns into reality when the women think they’ve inadvertently poisoned Mr. Hart’s coffee. To cover their tracks, they concoct an intricate ploy that turns the tables on the chief and shreds the patriarchal old boys’ network.

The Office (2005)

Rated NR

Based on Ricky Gervais’s hit BBC sitcom by the same name, this droll American remake stars as Michael Scott, the deluded general manager of the Pennsylvania-based Dunder Mifflin paper company. A biting satire that skewers office life with devious relish.

Office Space

Rated R

In a film that takes plenty of jabs at the nihilism of corporate life,  office drone Peter Gibbons, who conspires with his cubicle cohorts to embezzle money from their soulless employers. With help and hindrance from those around him — including eminently quotable workplace nerd Milton Waddams — and the affection of waitress Joanna, Gibbons might just find his sanity … and his revenge.

Working Girl (1988)

Rated R

Industrious secretary Tess McGill dreams of climbing the corporate ladder and may be on her way after landing a job with Katherine Parker, a top brokerage firm executive. When a skiing mishap puts Katharine out of commission, the secretary discovers her boss has stolen Tess’ idea for saving a client. Hooking up with investment broker Jack Trainer, Tess takes over the deal and turns the tables.

synopsis by Netflix.

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