A-Z List of Films

As  I was browsing the web today I came across this list that seems to be making the rounds of the web. It’s a list of films that you make up. Here’s my list and if you are curious about the blogger I stole this from it’s this one.

The point is to make an A-Z list of films you’ve seen.  The first one to come to mind for each letter is the one you must list. No cheating!

The rules are:
1. Go through the alphabet, and for each letter, think of a film you’ve seen that starts with that letter (A, An, and The do not count).
2. You must write the FIRST film you think of for any given letter.
3. You must have actually SEEN the film.
4. If you think of a more impressive-sounding film for a particular letter, you CANNOT change to the more impressive-sounding film.

  1. Amazing Grace
  2. Babel
  3. Coming to America
  4. Date Night
  5. Evan Almighty
  6. Far and Away
  7. Gone in sixty seconds
  8. How to make an American quilt
  9. Ice Castles
  10. Jungle Book
  11. King and I
  12. Leaving Las Vegas
  13. Meet Joe Black
  14. Newsies
  15. One night with the King
  16. Pollyanna
  17. Quick and the Dead
  18. Restaurant
  19. Same Time Next Year
  20. Timeline
  21. Ugly truth
  22. V
  23. Waiting for Guffman
  24. X
  25. Yes
  26. Z

I didn’t think of anything for V, X, and Z. Sorry folks.

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