Boogie Nights (1997)

Rated R

This film is fictional account of the adult film industry. If they were trying to get a realistic portrayal they just might have. I felt that the characters were all sad and unhappy about their lives, even though, they have money, drugs, and sex. I don’t know if that is what they wanted to portray but that is what I saw. They are all searching for things that they could not find and I’m not sure they found it by the end of the film. I found this film too depressing to really enjoy it and I believe that the topic is what makes this film famous not so much the acting, directing or writing. Although, I did think the actors did a good job just not as good as to permit all the nominations.


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  1. Kris Walsh says:

    What do these big time critics at these award shows consider when they cast in their ballots for nominations? What are they looking for when they want to give out those shiny golden awards?..In my opinion the biggest factor that makes a good film is replay value.

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