Father’s Day Films 2011

 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) Rated G

Dick Van Dyke stars as quirky inventor Caractacus Potts, whose magical flying car transports his family and lovely lady friend, Truly Scrumptious, to Vulgaria, a kingdom strangely devoid of children, ruled by the evil Baron Bomburst. There, they must solve the mystery of the missing tots and save Chitty from the nefarious Vulgarians. This musical classic also features Robert Helpmann as the oily, deeply unnerving Child Catcher.

 Father of the Bride (1950,1991) Rated NR,PG

Spencer Tracy renders one of his most endearing roles as Stanley Banks, the befuddled title character in this charming comedy directed by Vincente Minnelli. Stanley gets caught up in the barely controlled mayhem surrounding his only daughter’s wedding. Class struggle, premarital jitters and a lot of grumpy comedy mark this as a classic film you shouldn’t miss.

In this hilarious update of the much-loved Hollywood classic, Steve Martin turns in a winning performance as George Banks, the befuddled father who has a hard time letting go of his daughter when she unexpectedly announces her plans to wed. Diane Keaton co-stars as George’s level-headed wife, Nina, and Martin Short steals his scenes as an off-the-wall wedding consultant.

Both of these versions are magnificence. It wouldn’t matter which one you watch but I would watch both.

 Mr. Mom (1983) Rated PG

After Jack is informed by a co-worker that his job at the car factory has been furloughed, Caroline goes to work for Ron at an advertising agency, leaving the kids — Alex, Kenny and baby Megan — in Jack’s care. Helping him get used to vacuuming, soap operas, school drop-offs and grocery stores is flirty Joan and Annette.

 Field of Dreams (1989) Rated PG

Kevin Costner stars as an Iowa farmer who hears a mysterious voice telling him to turn his cornfield into a baseball diamond. He does, but the voice’s directions don’t stop — even after the spirits of deceased ball players turn up to play. James Earl Jones and Burt Lancaster co-star as a reclusive writer and a young slugger turned doctor, respectively, with Ray Liotta turning in a pivotal performance as “Shoeless” Joe Jackson.

 Three Men and A Baby (1987) Rated PG

When an infant named Mary is left on their doorstep, three bachelor roommates channel their feminine side and become surrogate parents to the tyke. After a few false starts, the guys eventually take to their little bundle of joy. But questions linger about the baby’s real origins, and why drug dealers are taking an interest in their life. Leonard Nimoy returns to Earth to direct this hit family comedy.

Synopsis by Netflix.

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