No Greater Love (2009)

Rated PG

Heather leaves her husband during a pout of depression, letting him raise their son as she disappears without a trace. Ten years later they bump into each other and must learn to forgive each other. Starring Anthony Tyler Quinn, Danielle Bisutti, Jay Underwood

I, of course, loved the message that this film was trying to give but I didn’t love how they got there. There was things missing in the script that should have been more explained. One being that if she disappeared without a trace, how can the husband file for divorce? And if he didn’t sign could she have? Also, it hinted at that she might be considered dead. If that was the case wouldn’t there have been a death certificate and not the divorce? And one other thing, God does not tell us we can’t marry a non-Christian, He says that it’s not recommended to marry a non-Christian (2 Corinthians 6:14). Other than the holes in the movie, it is a wonderful story with a great message.

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2 Responses to No Greater Love (2009)

  1. P M Paine says:

    The Bible does say that we are not marry non believers it says “do not be unequally joined to unbelievers”


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