The Wager (2007)

Rated PG

An Oscar nominated actor is on the verge of losing everything, his career, his wife, and his faith. Will he be able to stand strong? Starring Randy Travis, Jude Ciccolella, Nancy Stafford, Bronson Pinchot, Candace Cameron Bure, David A.R. White, Matthew Barnett

I look at these Christian films and keep hoping that they will bring their A game. Alas, they do not. I think this one had promises but it didn’t hold up in the acting or even to the script. Does it give a good point to Christ? I could debate that. Yes, it had a wonderful faith-based story but one that would convict people, not. I long for the time that one of these films will be honored by the academy or Hollywood in general. I think I have a long wait. I also, had a hard time watching this knowing that Randy Travis failed at his own marriage. Here he is trying to save it and I know I wasn’t there when his marriage failed to know what went on but seeing the man on-screen made it harder to believe. I also, know we should hold personal life against the performance but it is hard to distinguish. What do you think?


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