Christmas with A Capital C (2011) Rated NR

Christmas with a capital CAn Attorney moves home for Christmas and begins to dispute the nativity scene on city property. Starring Ted McGinley, Brad Stine, Nancy Stafford, Daniel Baldwin

Christmas with a Capital C is a typical Christian film that takes on the church vs. state debate. I have to say it’s not the best debate, I’ve ever seen. To have the attorney make a mistake and feels so bad that he comes home to wreak havoc on his home town seems a little overly done. The story is just weak. I would have liked a stronger stance and this film is against Atheists, um no. I just find it hilarious that atheists, who don’t believe in God isn’t always upset with Christians who believe in God. Who picks fights with whom. Sorry, I always seem to get on my high horse. Back to the film, it’s an OK film but I wouldn’t think it’s worth an award.

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