Waking the Titanic (2012) Rated NR

waking the titanicA documentary of the testimony of 3 survivors and their descendents of the Addergoole 14. The largest group to have boarded the Titanic.

I have always been a Titanic fanatic but this is one story I was not aware of. Probably because the families and the town have recently began to open up about the survivors and people they lost on that fateful night. It’s a typical documentary but wonderfully made.   They did an incredible job with highlighting the lives of all fourteen lineage of the Addergoole 14. I really enjoyed hearing the stories they all told of lives of their families and the choices they made to head to America. The dreams they all had to prosper from the poor community of Addergoole to land of opportunity in Chicago. They give an untold story of the third class aboard the Titanic. Wonderfully told and worth the watch.

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