Taken 2 (2012) Rated PG-13

Taken2Retired CIA operative with his ex-wife is taken while on family leave in Istanbul. It’s up to their daughter to help save them. Starring Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, D.B. Sweeney

Ok, so the first Taken was such a hit that we need to release a series of films to follow. I’ll give Taken 2 as a good start, to the fact it is a good follow-up on the story. Although, this story is so preposterous to what really would happen. Unlike the first film. It is a known fact that young women get taken overseas but most are not daughters of former CIA operatives. And most takers don’t come back to attack the CIA operative and his family. Let alone make the mistake of leaving the phone with the CIA operative. Why would you do that in this day and age? Oh, so the daughter could find him and rescue him. Can’t wait for Taken 3 <- Sarcasm.

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