CSI: Vegas (CBS) Rated TV-14

 When a threat to the crime lab comes into play, the brilliant team of forensic investigators both old and new come together to preserve and  serve justice in Vegas. Starring Paula Newsome, Matt Lauria, and Mandeep Dhillon. 

First off, I’m surprised they are bringing back the original CSI with some of the older cast and new ones too. I’m not sure that the mix-match of the two shows will work. Those who love the original are going to miss all the old gang, and the new characters will be hard to fall in love with. The show has everything that the original had: great storylines. The chemistry between the old characters is there, but the new ones might need some warming up to do. I think, with time, the show will gain its comfort and it’ll work, but for how long is the question? It’s still a great story, making it worth a watch.  

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