This Magic Moment (2013) Rated NR

this_magic_momentA movie set comes to small town America and the star of the film uses her new small town guy friend to make her ex-boyfriend and co-star jealous. This, of course, causes confusion when reality and fiction lines get blurred. Starring Diane Neal, Travis Schuldt, Vincent Spano

I though this concept was intriguing and would really like to this done well. Here’s the but… this film had some script and acting problems. The main couple, the movie star and small town guy, seems to have their head on their shoulders, except that their emotions don’t seem to follow through with what they are saying. I don’t know why it bothered him too much when she gets back together with her boyfriend. I mean throughout the film he knew she loved him. Why are you upset? You don’t even love her either. So, why so upset. Overall, the chemistry between all the couples were bad. I don’t know how anyone would have gotten together. I didn’t think anyone loved anyone else. They all just used each and what’s more important they all knew they were using each other. So, the climax made me more confused than trying to set right what was wrong. This is a miss.

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