The Wedding Wish (2007) Rated TV-PG

How_I_Married_My_High_School_CrushA High School girl makes a wish on a day of a solar eclipse which transports her and her crush 17 years in the future to their wedding day. Starring Katee Sackhoff, Sage Brocklebank, Tommy Lioutas

This film does takes the time travel to a different level. The two main characters, Sara Jacob and Brian Porterson, are the crusher and crushee. They both travel to the future but they both stay teenagers. Which was weird. The actors weren’t too bad but the script wasn’t very good. The script was the biggest lack to the movie. I also think that the film would have been more interesting if only Sara was brought to the future, then we could expect a more interesting story and conflict. Alas, it didn’t and it wasn’t. It’s a miss.


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