Christmas in the City (2013) Rated TV-PG

Christmas-in-the-City-LifetimeA single mother tries to keep her small business from closing during the holiday season. To make extra money she heads to the city to work for the largest department store. The department store is going through its own problems, by hiring a consultant to up sales. Starring Ashley Williams, Ashanti, Jon Prescott

This film isn’t the best Christmas film out there even though it is cute and traditional. The script needed work. It doesn’t make much sense but then maybe they were hoping that just the sweetness of the season might cover up the half-dressed men in the toy department. How does that improve sells of toys? The movie just had a lot of information that if it happened in the real world, the consultant wouldn’t be hired for long. But this is the season so we over look the inappropriate things being done or said. This isn’t a family film but then again sex sells on Lifetime.




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