Holiday Road Trip (2013) Rated PG

Holiday Road TripTwo co-workers that work for a pet supply company must make a Holiday trip across the country with the mascot of the company, Scoots. Starring Patrick Muldoon, Ashley Scott, Kip Pardue, George Hamilton, Shelley Long, Wink Martindale, Mindy Cohn, Uggie

The first scene of this film, I though, oh no, this is going to be one very cheesy film. Yet, as the couple travels along, it becomes a really sweet Christmas movie. I was also very afraid that the dog was going to take over the film or steal any scene but Scoots was played by Uggie. If you don’t know who Uggie is watch The Artist, there he shows off his talents. He’s a very talented dog but in the Holiday Road Trip, he seemed bored. The story has enough bumps along the way as well as times that they are just in the RV talking. It keeps you entertained. It’s one cute, familiar, and fun trip for Christmas love.


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