Fill the Void (2012) Rated PG

Fill the voidA young Hasidic Jewish woman is asked to a levirate marriage with her brother-in-law. Starring Hadas Yaron, Yiftach Klein, Irit Sheleg

Wow. We are brought into a glimpse of orthodox Chassidic community in Tel Aviv. This film is beautifully shot and weaves a wonderful love. This is a love story in the mix of orthodox Jewish traditions. Rama Burshtein does a wonderful job of mixing the two  and showing off both the love story and the traditions without feeling that one encompasses the other. I think if someone just takes a glance at this film would feel that these traditions are barbaric but I never felt that. I always knew and saw that Shira, the young woman trying to find her mister right, had a choice. She was never forced into anything. Burshtein shows the falling in love while the traditions are upholded. It’s very reminiscent of Jane Austen. It’s worth a watch.


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