So This Is Christmas (2013) Rated NR

So this is christmasA teenage girl starts running in a bad crowd until a handyman comes into her life. He asks her to help with underprivileged kids’ Christmas play. Starring Eric Roberts, Vivica A. Fox, Lexi Ainsworth

I think this is officially on my worst film of the year list. I don’t normal have that list but I think this could be number one. Starting with its bad, bad horrible script. The script is the worst I have ever seen. There is not good continuity, people suddenly show up in scenes and you’re not sure how they got there. The acting seems stilted and although, I enjoy Eric Roberts, this role was not for him. He seemed not able to get into character or was too much himself in character that it was hard to see in love with his wife or the kids. Like this was too much of a stretch for him. I loved the concept of the film, where choices have consequences. I didn’t learn much or how these characters had made good or bad choices that forced the consequences they now face. I missed that. This movie could have been better made and I would have like to see it if it was. They really missed the mark.


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