Godspell (1973) Rated G

GodspellBased on the off-Broadway musical by the same name. The musical is based on of the Gospel of Matthew and is set in modern-day New York City. Starring Victor Garber, Katie Hanley, David Haskell

When I started watching this film, I thought, really a sixtyish take on the Gospel. This isn’t going to be pretty. They actually did a good job at telling the Gospel. Although, does anyone do a perfect job in telling the Gospel? I really enjoyed the backdrop of New York City. They really showed off the city. Especially, the World Trade Center. They were able to film before the buildings were finished. Seeing them and yet knowing the destruction to come makes it very bittersweet. I really appreciate that the filmmakers were trying to symbolically say things throughout the film without being blunt with the answers. This in the face painting of the disciples. Showing that the disciples are all people but also telling them that He is with them always. This is a film to check out.



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