The Bling Ring (2013) Rated R

Bling ringInspired by true events, a group of fame absorbed teenagers go on a robbing spree to Celebrity homes. Starring Katie Chang, Israel Broussard, Emma Watson, Leslie Mann, Gavin Rossdale

The Bling Ring is an entertaining film but I felt it missed the mark on what these kids did. I would have enjoyed them digging deeper into the  psyche to these minds or the lack of brain activity in their minds. I think since Sofia Coppola was trying to show the facts and make it more like a documentary without taking sides made the film neither like fictional take or documentary of the facts. I don’t believe this is a poorly made film, it’s Sofia Coppola, after all. It was entertaining for what it’s worth. I just was expecting it to more true to the story or more depth into the characters featured.


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