Top of the Lake (2013) Rated TV-MA

top of the lakeWhen a pregnant 12-year-old Tui is found trying to drown herself in a New Zealand lake. Detective Robin Griffin is on the case to discover how Tui got to the place she’s in but then Tui disappears. Starring Elisabeth Moss, Thomas M. Wright, Peter Mullan, David Wenham, Skye Wansey, Geneviève Lemon, Robyn Malcolm, Holly Hunter

I loved, loved, this miniseries. It reminded me of the TV series, The Killing, at least during the first two seasons. This series keeps you on your toes. It was beautifully written. It does have some subplots that I thought would link up with the story of Tui. Even with that subplots and some plot holes that made me go, huh? Take Holly Hunter’s character, I still question what her place in the film was supposed to be. Despite this the show kept me intrigued and pulled me into the world of Lake Top. This is a can’t miss show.




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