The Story of David (1976) Rated PG

story of davidThe life of King David from the Bible. Starring Timothy Bottoms, Anthony Quayle, Norman Rodway, Oded Teomi, Jane Seymour

This, I must say is the most historically accurate Biblically based film I’ve ever seen. The costumes to the setting. Everything looks, sounds, and feels like you just stepped out of the 9th Century BC. We got to see David grow from a shepherd boy to the King of Judah. We also see his ups and downs with his relationship God or  Yahweh. We also see his human relationships with Jonathan and Bathsheba.  The only down fall is that the actors don’t look middle eastern, they definitely have the British look to them. That doesn’t distract from the wonderful storytelling of David Lowell Rich and Alex Segal. I truly don’t think there is a better version of this story out there on film. It’s worth a watch.


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