A Christmas Without Snow (1980) Rated NR

Christmas without snowA divorced woman moves to a new town to rebuild her life, she joins a church choir but runs into personality conflicts in the group. Starring Michael Learned, John Houseman, Ramon Bieri, James Cromwell

This film seems to be ok, it’s not great. Maybe if I watched it back in 1980, I would have more of a nostalgic feeling toward it but, alas, I did not. Yes, this is a film that shows the true meaning of Christmas, without romance or needing to use trends to make the story move. What brings this film down is the amount of subplots. There are too many and that subtracts from the main focus of this woman who is just trying to get her life back together. The one thing this film made me want to see is Handel’s Messiah live. I think that would be amazing, especially seeing it with my mother. That would be a treat.


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