Correcting Christmas (2014) Rated NR

back to christmasA woman travels back in time to the Christmas before she broke up with the man who got away. Starring Kelly Overton, Michael Muhney, Gloria Loring

I was really enjoying this film and knew as soon as I saw the neighbor that there was going to be love triangle involved here. Which I loved. The film lost me, though when, in the end they left so many plot holes and not much explained with a year lost in her life. They need to clean that up. I think this would have been one of the better Christmas films this year if they didn’t mess it up in the end. It’s almost like they just had so much time so they just went with what they had instead of explaining the situation more. This film was a disappoint in the end for me. I would pass on this film even with the amazing storyline with the great actors they had.


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