Christian Mingle (2014) Rated PG

Christian MingleGwyneth Hayden thought she had it all, a good job, great friends, wonderful apartment with an awesome wardrobe. All she needed was a man. Starring Lacey Chabert, Jonathan Patrick Moore, Saidah Arrika Ekulona, John O’Hurley, Morgan Fairchild, Corbin Bernsen

I wasn’t expecting much with this film. I thought, here we go another movie to sell a product and the film isn’t much. The product placement in the film was surprising low and in the right spots. Nothing that really says “Here I am look at me”. The story is good too, it’s a story not of a woman finding a man but finding God. That was perfectly told. Of Course, SPOILER ALERT….she does get a guy but finds God along the way. I haven’t seen someone finding God in a  film this good. That was as real as it can get. The draw back was the language. Not that language, the language that Christians use, that language. That wasn’t realistic. Christian’s don’t really talk like that, I mean, “Are you a believer?” Ah, do I want to join your cult? No thank you. Christian’s are more apted to ask, “Are you a Christian?”  With that being said, the speech by Paul when he learns the truth about Gwyneth was spot on. Even with the flaws of this film, it’s one of the best I have seen this year and it’s probably going to go on my best of 2015. This is a must see.


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