The Ark (2015) Rated TV-PG

A retelling of the story of Noah and the ark. Starring David Threlfall, Joanne Whalley, and Ashley Walters.

This is an interesting retelling of the Bible story. It is not historically or Biblically accurate. The story expands not just to rescue Noah’s family but also to others outside the family. Although, I have to say the acting was brilliant, and I enjoyed the depth that Threlfall gave to Noah. It goes beyond the one dimensional Noah that is illustrated in the Bible. Noah only has three sons, but somehow in this story, he has four, and I have to say I enjoyed that he had to convince them of the ark. I thought that was a little more realistic version of what might have happened back then. I enjoyed that the film made the Biblical characters come to life and presented them as more human, but it’s not the Biblical story. It’s not worth a watch.

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