Seven Alone (1974) Rated G

Seven AloneA frontier family heads West to start a new life.  On the way, both the mother and the father die, leaving their seven children to travel on alone. Based on the true story of the Sager Children. Starring Dewey Martin, Aldo Ray, Anne Collings

This is based on the heartbreaking tale of the Sager family as they traveled West. It definitely shows the hardship families faced as they crossed the country by wagon. That said, the account of the children’s experiences are somewhat fictionalized to downplay the real life difficulties the Sager children faced.

Although the quality of the film is lacking, the story is still compelling, seeing the heartache these children experienced, losing their parents and fighting to make their way to Oregon.  If you need an emotional release and are interested in pioneer life, this movie is worth a watch.

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