Home Town Story (1951) Rated NR

home town storyA defeated senator comes home and takes a job as editor of the local newspaper, which he uses as a platform for blaming the big corporations in town for his loss. Starring Jeffrey Lynn, Donald Crisp, Marjorie Reynolds, Alan Hale Jr., Marilyn Monroe

This film names Marilyn Monroe as one of the stars of the movie, when, in actuality, she plays a bit part as a typical blonde bombshell secretary at the newspaper office.

The crux of the film is Jeffrey Lynn’s beef with the big corporations, which comes to a head when his little sister suffers an accident.  This is where the movie fell apart for me.  Not only were they misleading about Monroe’s involvement with the film, they also created an unbelievable family situation that distracted me from the film’s message.  How can a man in his forties have a ten-year old sister?  The actress playing their mother was only fifty years old in real life.  I don’t like having to unnecessarily suspend my belief for ridiculous details like this.  For that reason alone, this film is a pass for me.


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