Native American Healing in the 21st Century (1997) Rated G

This film is comprehensive look at the healing practices of American Indians and how those natural remedies are applicable to today’s society. Starring Dr. Ron J. Anderson, Gregg Howard

Although this film gave me a greater appreciation for the many natural uses of plants and herbs, it still felt like an incomplete source of information.  The filmmakers spend a lot of time talking about which wild plants can be used for various types of healing, but they never go into detail about the process for using them.  They show how Native Americans find and collect plants, and they interview medical doctors who talk about the pros and cons of such uses, including the modern use of plants for healing.  Still, the film did not seem thorough enough, and it was repetitive and boring at times.  Most of the plants and herbs they discuss are only found in the southwestern US, which is nowhere near where I live, so much of the information felt irrelevant to me.

However, if you are interested in natural healing, there may be enough information for you to make it worth a watch.  For me, it was a pass.

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