Proof (TNT) Rated TV-14


A doctor searches for life after death. Starring Jennifer Beals, David Sutcliffe, Edi Gathegi, Callum Blue, Caroline Kaplan, Annie Thurman, Joe Morton, Matthew Modine

This show isn’t the most realistic, but if you can look past the inanity of a rich man paying a doctor to research life after death, it is interesting to watch the doctor work through her own questions about the afterlife.

I find myself wondering how they will address the matter as the show unfolds. For now, they are finding medical causes for proof of life after death in the forms of ghosts and past life experiences. I think this is a mediocre show that only skims the surface of life after death and poorly at that.  Even so, I would recommend checking it out, but I don’t expect the show to last long.




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