Mothers of the Bride (2015) Rated NR

Mothers of the brideJenna is getting married, and her mother couldn’t be happier, until Jenna announces she wants to find her birth mother. Starring Gail O’Grady, Betsy Brandt, Daniela Bobadilla

I think this could have been a very thoughtful movie, but instead, they made the mothers battle each other throughout the film, which seemed unnecessary.  There is enough conflict to manage with the birth mother’s return and all the unanswered questions that arise.

To be fair, there is one poignant scene, toward the end of the movie, where Jenna and her birth mother talk about why she was put up for adoption; it even brought tears to my eyes. But, overall, it was overshadowed by the constant one-upmanship between the mothers, with the birth mother consistently being portrayed as the heartless villain and the adopted mother as the big-hearted hero who stepped up to care for Jenna.  It was disappointing to watch, and not worth recommending.  This was a miss for me.


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