Best Friends Whenever (Disney) Rated TV-G

Best friends whenever

When a classmate’s science experiment goes awry, two, teenage best friends, Shelby and Cyd, find themselves able to travel through time together. Starring Landry Bender, Lauren Taylor, Gus Kamp, Ricky Garcia, Benjamin Royer, Matthew Royer

A typical Disney Channel production, with overacting and winks at the camera, this show definitely caters to pre-teen/early teen audiences.  A cute concept, but the show fails to explain time travel or make meaningful forays into past and future, where the girls often get stuck in surface situations, like test-taking.  Shelby’s twin brothers are a comical side-note, both having a crush on Cyd and offering the necessary transitions throughout each episode.  If you like fluff, this has lots of it.  Cute, funny, and mildly enjoyable, I say it is actually worth checking out.


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