Baby Boot Camp (2014) Rated NR

Baby boot campA fitness instructor trying to make ends meet becomes a part-time nanny for a widower with two daughters. Starring Danneel Ackles, Kavan Smith, Ryan McDonell

Julia is a fitness instructor who’s trying to get her company, Baby Boot Camp, off the ground. All of her efforts leave her broke, so she takes a second job as a nanny for the cute, single father attending her boot camp, hoping that he’ll notice her. What she doesn’t count on are the challenges of caring for a one-year old and her  seven-year old sister, played by Jena Skodje, who is still grieving the loss of her mother.

Skodje will steal your heart.  You can’t help but sympathize with this young girl in her state of loss and confusion.  The writers did an amazing job of dealing honestly with the subject matter, not glossing over the seriousness of the mother’s death.  And yet, the show itself remains lighthearted and funny, somehow finding the balance between being realistic and far-fetched.  A couple of times, I found myself wondering if it was too soon for the dad to move on, but the show carries you along, suspending doubts with laughter. I recommend checking it out.


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