Death Game (1977) Rated R

SeducersA business man, whose family is away for the weekend, picks up two girls. They seduce him and then the game of death begins. The movie claims to be based on a true story. Starring Sondra Locke, Colleen Camp, Seymour Cassel, Beth Brickell

This movie calls itself says that it is a horror flick; I call it a joke. It says it’s based on a true story. What true story, I’d like to know.  As with many horror films, this one is poorly made.  It also has a customary, graphic sex scene.  It’s not that you see much nudity, but the scene is cut and dissolved to make you feel like you have seen more than you have.

I think I understand what the filmmakers were trying to achieve, but they fell short of the mark.  The girls sing, “Good Old Dad” as a way to set the tone, but it just comes across as out of touch.  In addition, the torture the girls inflict on the man seems never-ending.  It’s like a game to them that has no purpose.  I guess that’s why the film ends so abruptly. There was never any point to the movie, therefore no need for resolution.  The torture simply ends, the girls leave, and you are left wondering why in the world you ever wasted your time on this movie.  It is not worth watching.


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