Gourmet Detective: A Healthy Place to Die (2015) Rated NR

Gourmet detective healthy place to dieWhen the Gourmet Detective gets invited to a resort as a guest speaker, he winds up in the midst of another murder. Based on the fifth book in the Gourmet Detective series by Peter King. Starring Dylan Neal, Brooke Burns, Matthew Kevin Anderson

Yet another enjoyable film in the continuing saga of the Gourmet Detective, where he again finds himself embroiled in another murder.  Dylan Neal does not disappoint as Harry; neither does Brooke Burns as Maggie, his police detective counterpart.  It is fun to watch the chemistry between them grown with each film.  In this one, he is able to finagle Maggie into attending a conference with him, where there just happens to be another murder.  (Good thing he asked her along.)

I admit I got irked when Harry seemingly contaminated the crime scene (I am a stickler for details), and I didn’t appreciate how many liberties the filmmakers took with the story.  It felt like they just tacked the title on; there was little similarity to the book.  Even so, these films continue to provide clean, whodunit mysteries, which I do appreciate.  This movie is worth a watch.



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