Significant Mother (CW) Rated NR

Significant MotherNate’s newly divorced mother begins dating his best friend. Starring Josh Zuckerman, Nathaniel Buzolic, Krista Allen, Emma Fitzpatrick

This show has no substance, and none of the characters can think past their hormones. The first episode has Nate walking in on his mother with his best friend in bed. We have no idea how these two got together or why they are together except for the sex. To make the show worse, all the jokes are based on sexual innuendo.  Actually, all the conversations revolve around sex, none of which are mature in the least.   Anything else- even the weather- would be acceptable over, “You’re banging my mom, and I’m not getting any.” This show is full of TMI, making it painful to watch.  It is a pass for me.


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