What Would Jesus Do? (2010) Rated PG

What would Jesus doA pastor who is struggling with his faith and his non-committal congregation meet a stranger. The stranger reignites their faith to enable them to save their church and community from a corrupt politician. Based on the book, In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon. Starring John Schneider, Maxine Bahns, Adam Gregory

This is a quintessential Christian film with a great overall message.  A stranger comes to town and simply asks the townspeople, “What would Jesus do?”  In doing so, a floundering church congregation is prompted to take a closer look at their lives to see if they are truly living like Jesus would want them to.  Although the message is clear, the writing and acting are not.

I found the acting to be bland, for the most part.  I was also troubled by the mother, who at times seemed understanding, desiring the best for her son, only to turn and be upset at his change of heart.  Seeing that they both had some measure of faith, I was confused by her response.

One key aspect of the message that I felt the film lacked was love.  One of the great commandments is to love your neighbor as yourself, but this was not a focus of the movie. If it weren’t for the positive message, I don’t know if I could recommend this film.  If you can look past the acting and writing, I would say it is worth a watch; otherwise, it is a pass for me.




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1 Response to What Would Jesus Do? (2010) Rated PG

  1. My Earful says:

    The trailer says “This Film WiLL CHANGE YOUR LIFE”? LOLOL! Into what? A life of luxury? Yes, it did change something but not my life: my perception of what actors are. They are paid people who inhabit a character (yes, I’m Captain Obvious) and whose future roles (and lives!) are the total opposite of the character you happened to like them in, and who can, and often will, bore you to tears in their next part. (Anyone seen him in the Reba McEntire Xmas special??)

    This film changed my life: I never before realized that your acting can suck a million times worse than mine and yet you can end up in a movie with John Schneider. It also made me wonder how much he got paid for this schlock. He’s about the only one who can act here. The greater majority of the actors should have never left Acting 101 (that goes for almost all the female leads).

    The homeless girl can act, so can the evil old lady and the bad guy he’s a hair above mediocre. The rest are painful to watch. “I just said my line, dang I was gude!” “Wait, is it my turn to talk?? Did he finish reciting his line at me? I was just so caught up in thinking how guude I just was!” THAT bad, folks.

    The first watch might make you believe John Schneider didn’t get paid to appear in this amateur, high school production. Then you realize what kind of person he really is, from past headlines, and you realize there’s no way he would have taken this role unless they threw plenty of cash at him (hopefully hit him across his smug mug!). Was he that hard up for cash that he’d agree to star with such amateurs??

    Well he was entertaining to watch. Pity the very inept casting director hired all these clowns who are so distracting in their own ineptitude they are painful to watch! Pity the writing was so weak. Pity the set decor was bad, pity the lighting was poor and pity I wasted 1h 33 min watching this. Pity Schneider’s acting is limited to bad roles in dumb soaps and pity this was probably his greatest performance of all time: in a bargain bin $1.99 straight to VHS flick! Oh, well!

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