Vanishing on 7th Street (2010) Rated R

Vanishing on 7th StreetA group of survivors try to fight off an invasion of darkness with light. Starring Hayden Christensen, John Leguizamo, Thandie Newton

This movie lacked true thriller appeal, but the premise was interesting.  There isn’t too much frightening about people who simply disappear into the darkness without explanation, and there were several plot holes made it confusing to follow.  For one, is the darkness in Detroit only, or has it spread elsewhere?  It seemed like it was everywhere, but then why did people think leaving the city would solve their problem?  Also, some of the tactics used against the darkness were inconsistent.  For example, why leave glow sticks on an active kid but not provide an immobile adult with them?  Are glow sticks really that powerful against an invasive darkness?

Still, I did find it interesting enough to warrant it worth a watch.  I’d love to hear your take on it in the comments.


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