Home Fires (PBS) Rated NR

home firesThis series follows a group of women in a small English village during World War II. Based on the book Jambusters by Julie Summers. Starring Clare Calbraith, Brian Fletcher, Samantha Bond, Ruth Gemmell, Claire Price, Daniel Ryan, Claire Rushbrook, Daisy Badger, Frances Grey, Fenella Woolgar, Leanne Best, Mark Bazeley, Leila Mimmack, Ed Stoppard

This is a character-driven show. We dive into the lives of these women who are striving to keep their home fires burning during the war. The characters are intriguing, and the cinematography is absolutely stunning, a PBS standard.  Honestly, the English country side serves as a secondary character, enhancing the show with its beauty.  But, it is the women, holding their own in uncertain times, fighting to keep their families and their country that makes this series worth a watch.


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