Fred Claus (2007) Rated PG

Fred ClausSanta’s brother has to move to the North Pole. Starring Vince Vaughn, Paul Giamatti, John Michael Higgins, Miranda Richardson, Rachel Weisz, Kathy Bates, Ludacris, Elizabeth Banks

This film began well enough; I love the idea of sibling rivalry between Santa and his brother.  However, as the film went on, it seemed to lose it’s spark.  I think it could have been great had it been told differently.

Specifically, I didn’t agree with the central idea that all children should receive a present, even if they are naughty.  I don’t believe in awarding bad behavior, and I don’t believe that the kids are bad because they don’t get the presents they deserve.

I did appreciate the lack of potty humor so many “adult” Christmas films employ today, though.  However, what little humor they did have did not tickle my funny bone.  This film was mediocre at best; I struggled to watch the movie in its entirety.  In my opinion, it is not worth a watch.

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