Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas (2011) Rated G

Mandie and the forgotten christmasWhen Mandie visits her school’s forbidden attic, she discovers a Christmas secret. Based off of Lois Gladys Leppard book series. Starring Kelly Washington, Amanda Waters, Joanna Daniel

This is a lovely film for families. Despite its low production value, the story line remains quite interesting. I’ve always thought that the Mandie books should be made into films or at least into a TV series, so I am glad to see that there are three films already produced.

Mandie is always on the lookout for a mystery, which often gets her into trouble.  However, each Mandie story includes a life lesson for its audience.  In this film, the message focuses on helping others and understanding the old adage “God helps those who help themselves.”  When we pray, God doesn’t always provide a clear answer; sometimes, He allows us to figure things out on our own.   This film is worth a watch, especially for families.


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