The Last Kingdom (BBC) Rated TV-MA

last kingdomThe year is 872, England is being invaded by the Danes. A Saxon nobleman is captured by the Danes and brought up as one of them. Now, his loyalties are tested trying to forge his country into a new future. Based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories. Starring Alexander Dreymon, Emily Cox, Nicholas Rowe

This show, while not my favorite subject is interesting. The cinematography is beautiful. I did struggle with understanding the plot or where the creators were going to take the characters. It also has a lot of violence in the show. Even though, the violence isn’t as bad as I’ve seen in other shows, it still wasn’t fun to which. The show does lack in telling the story of Uhtred, the Saxon boy brought up by the Danes. Enough that I’m not interested in  the story. The show doesn’t include much of the distain that the Danes had of Christianity, which I hear was a big part of the book series.  This show is not worth a watch.


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