The Christmas Hope (2009) Rated TV-PG

Christmas HopeA social worker tries to find homes for two children before Christmas, while dealing with the loss of her own child, when her pilot husband returns home.  Starring Madeleine Stowe, James Remar, Ian Ziering

It is not just Patty’s story represented in this film.  There is also a young doctor and his pregnant wife, along with back story elements for each of the children involved.  Unfortunately, all of the story lines don’t fit well together until the very end, making the movie feel a bit disjointed, not to mention depressing.

I really struggled to find the joy of the season in this sad Christmas film.  I watch Christmas movies to feel uplifted, but all of the loss and heartache was just too much.  Between that and the lack of flow, I am sorry to say that this was a pass for me.

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