Wicked City (ABC) Rated TV-14

Wicked cityIn 1982, a pair of detectives track down serial killers in Los Angeles. Starring Erika Christensen, Taissa Farmiga, Gabriel Luna, Ed Westwick, Anne Winters, Karolina Wydra

What struck me most about this fascinating drama was the intertwining of both the killers’ and the detectives’ lives throughout the pilot episode.  It is an interesting and unique dynamic that I hope they will continue.  I didn’t even mind the lack of back story, as I think it will unfold along with the show.  Unfortunately, I got the impression that the focus will shift to an emphasis on the dark side of the serial killers, rather than the search for them.  I know that is standard practice among many cop shows, but I really enjoyed the balance of good and evil reflected in this first show.  I recommend it as worth checking out.




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