The Mystery of Edwin Drood (2012) Rated NR

Mystery of Edwin DroodA Masterpiece production of Charles Dickens’ unfinished book, The  Mystery of Edwin Drood. Starring Matthew Rhys, Freddie Fox, Tamzin Merchant.

This has to be one of the worst productions I have seen depicting one of Charles  Dickens’ works. I’m not a huge fan of Dickens but I have read and do appreciate his writing.  I was unfamiliar with this particular, unfinished work, and this series did nothing to endear me to it.  I never connected into the lives of the characters who had little depth.  Also, the production felt dark and moody, in contrast to the content of the story.  This is a rare exception to BBC’s normally high quality productions.  I cannot commend it; it is a pass for me.


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