Someone Like You (2001) PG-13

someone like youA talent scout for a talk show takes center stage after her boyfriend breaks up with her and she begins a column about the animalistic, cheating behaviors of men. Starring Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear, Hugh Jackman, Marisa Tomei, Ellen Barkin

My favorite thing about this movie:  Judd’s hair.  I seriously considered stealing her haircut after watching this film, but I worried that I might be 14 years out of date:)  Most embarrassing moment of the movie:  Judd’s early morning cheerleading routine- in her underwear– for her co-worker/roommate Jackman.  That was painful to watch.

Greg Kinnear is perfectly typecast as the affectionate, committed, then non-committed, boyfriend, and Ashley Judd is at turns both perfectly exasperating and sympathy-inducing as the jilted girlfriend.  Her cutting remarks and needy, coping behaviors are so relatable.  It’s really the supporting cast that steals the show, though.  Marisa Tomei as Judd’s  no-nonsense best friend and Hugh Jackman as her promiscuous co-worker with a broken heart of gold are the real gems that make this film shine.  Ellen Barkin also gives a solid performance as Judd’s seemingly tyrannical boss.

The thing about this movie is that everyone has a soft side; there are no true villains, so it is easy to root for everyone, as unrealistic as that may be.  It definitely feels like a period piece to me, though: an early 2000’s snapshot of dating, romance, and film making.  I personally enjoyed it, perhaps because I used to think about relationships in much the same way as Judd’s character (not her “research” thoughts but her actual relational thoughts).  Overall, I’d say it is charming (and surprising) enough to warrant a trip down memory lane.  Give it a watch sometime.


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