Just in Time for Christmas (2015) Rated TV-G

Just in Time for ChristmasA young professor must decide on moving across the country for a job or marrying her childhood friend. Starring Eloise Mumford, Michael Stahl-David, Christopher Lloyd, William Shatner.

I am a sucker for these time-warped Christmas movies, and this was one of the better ones. The Christmas magic wasn’t so overpowering that it took away from the story line of the professor finding out what she wants in life. Mumford was the perfect as the professor, a woman who knew what she wanted but didn’t know how to go about getting it. And Stahl-David, the leading man, always knew what he wanted and was her rock, steady and true. The characters felt real and believable, making it easy to root for them. This is one of the best films this season, definitely worth a watch.


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