Saving Hope (2012) Rated NR

Saving HopeAfter a car accident, a doctor remains comatose, trapped  between the living and the dead as he watches over Hope Zion Hospital. Starring Erica Durance, Julia Taylor Ross, Michael Shanks.

I caught this show a few years ago when it aired on NBC. I don’t remember exactly how I felt about the show back then, but re-watching it now, I find it to be masterfully produced and endearing to watch.  With excellent lighting and cinematography, the show maintains a perfect balance between the spiritual world and the real world. It is also a great, character-driven drama, with each character bringing his/her own strength and heart to the show.  It is definitely better than  A Gifted Man, which I also enjoyed but pales in comparison to this one. This show is worth a watch.


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