The Last Cowboy (2003) Rated UR

The Last Cowboy After leaving home eight years ago, Jake Cooper returns for her grandfather’s funeral and locks heads with her father. Starring Jennie Garth, Lance Henriksen, M.C. Gainey, Bradley Cooper, Dylan Wagner, Muse Watson

The actors give a strong performance in this quality Hallmark TV movie.  Garth was surprisingly heartfelt in the lead role as the headstrong young woman who has dreams but struggles with her father’s influence over her life. Henriksen plays the stoic, stubborn father.  In one of his earlier roles, Cooper seems out of place as the cowboy who tries to win Jake’s heart.  Despite its formulaic storyline of tragedy drawing a family together again after a squabble alienates one member, Hallmark focuses on the process of learning to trust and love again in a meaningful way.  This movie is worth a watch.


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